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Derek Gripper - An artist to behold

Two Derek Gripper concerts were enjoyed last weekend by members of Carmel Guitar Society. What a fine artist he is! Derek Gripper is a classically trained guitarist from Cape Town, South Africa who has studied under many greats. A master of the classical guitar, he explores the depths of World music while interpreting works of masters in his own distinct style. While his playing suspends musical genres, he is known for beautifully playing scores for the kora on guitar, his own lively translations of Bach pieces, original compositions, and for bringing African repertoires to the classical guitar. A successful touring performer, storyteller, composer, and guitarist, he can make you laugh, cry, and contemplate feelings in between while taking you out of this world with his fingerwork, soulful delivery, and depth of musical expression.  Plan to attend the next concert he offers near you and experience this master of the guitar and adventurous spirit LIVE.

Derek Gripper Classical Guitarists
Derek Gripper

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